We constructed a website for the builders at ATRIUM

Atrium a.s.

We constructed a website for the builders at ATRIUM

If you’re going to build something, do it properly. They know a lot about that at ATRIUM; they have been building wooden structures for 23 year now. We started with the foundations by conducting an initial study. We reinforced the foundations with user testing.

We constructed a new website for ATRIUM. The web pages are naturally optimised for mobile phones, so you can view your dream house even on the bus on the way to work. To help the www.atrium.cz website to feel more at home on the Internet, we provide it with marketing support too.

Move by hitting right key.

Or use the mouse scroll wheel.

Move by dragging your finger to the left.


A modern responsive website for ATRIUM

  • Responsive website
  • Initial study and website analysis
  • Individual components of a content management system
  • Online marketing

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