Let’s bring nature to the city!


Let’s bring nature to the city!

Guess who hates greyness and boredom more than us at AITOM? People at Heinekenu. That’s why they devised a new campaign for its Strongbow ciders : how to liven up the grey of the city. All of us rolled up their shirtsleeves and got down to work.

The result was the microsite www.prirodudomesta.cz, which encourages young people to vote for places for transformation. And this doesn’t apply just to Prague, you can choose any ugly, concrete-clad location in your surroundings. Strongbow will then choose the most engaging suggestions and support guerrilla gardening so that the place can become perhaps an orchard like one that was created in Johannesburg during the Nature Remix campaign.

AITOM stands behind the development and graphic design full of moss and mud. We want to bring #PriroduDoMesta and we believe that we will succeed! 

Move by hitting right key.

Or use the mouse scroll wheel.

Move by dragging your finger to the left.


What we dealt with for the microsite:

  • microsite for the worldwide Nature Remix campaign
  • graphic design that respect the corporate design and character of the Nature Remix campaign
  • development
  • effects that pull the user into the countryside
  • responsive design

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