A passion for recipes


A passion for recipes

Are you also thinking about what you’re going to cook today? We have the answer. We have created a PR website for Unilever called Receptynakazdyden.cz, which is focused on developing an online community. Recepty na každý den (Recipes for every day) works with a well-designed loyalty programme and is one of the three most visited cookery websites in the Czech Republic.

It has new content daily – videos, photos, recipes – and, thanks to this, also has loyal fans. Brand awareness is constantly rising thanks to the comprehensive solution that we are involved in. We have also designed a modern mobile app, Můj nákup, for fans where they can create a virtual shopping list according to the menu selected. 

Move by hitting right key.

Or use the mouse scroll wheel.

Move by dragging your finger to the left.

Content management

Recipes for every day

  • Brand support
  • Content administration
  • Loyalty programme
  • Professional cooks
  • Direct and indirect promotion of Knorr products
  • Synchronisation with the Můj nákup mobile app
45 k

We distribute the newsletter to more than 45,000 addresses

130 k

Monthly visitor rate over 130,000 users


the loyalty programme attracted more than 9000 newly registered users

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