AitomCMS 5

A content management system that makes almost anything possible

Great web design is not only clean, well written and intuitive, but also stands on a solid foundation of quality content management system - AitomCMS 5.

CMS (Content Management System) is the backbone of your site. If it is a quality CMS, it allows for easy data manipulation and content changes to the site using it do not last long days, and if you need to, you can easily manage the content themselves. Practically indispensable in the case you have an e-shop or website that frequently update.

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The AitomCMS 5 system, which we are continually developing and which has been tried and tested in dozens of websites, goes further still

  • It’s clearly laid out, user friendly and intuitive – if you need to control it, that will present no problem.
  • It’s modern and keeps abreast of the current trends – our developers regularly attend conferences and are constantly educate themselves.
  • It’s modular – you can use exactly what you need – nothing more, nothing less (news, photo galleries, references, products, careers, articles, discussions, newsletters, event calendar, banners, contact details, contact forms, partners, branches, surveys etc.).
  • Editing content is like working in a Word document, including insertion of tables or illustrations.
  • AitomCMS 5 supports SEO – optimisation is fast and intuitive.
  • Thanks to multi-layer architecture, it’s connectible to various storage devices (even remote) – thanks to this, content may be created anytime and anywhere.
  • It allows for an unlimited number of language versions using standard gettext – meaning that your business can easily be worldwide.
  • Do you work with files on your website? Using Thanks to AitomCMS 5 this will soon be almost as simple as working with those files on your computer.
  • The system contains a range of interactive elements and animation, making your website unique – but you can use them easily yourself without having to know anything about programming.
  • It works with an AJAX interface – after confirming individual activities, you don’t have to reload the pages.
  • It uses several levels of security – you can be sure that only an authorised user can access administration.
  • It has an advanced method of administration of user authorisation and ACL operation – everyone who administers content only has access to the content for which they hold responsibility.
  • It uses a virtual file system which solves file duplicity according to content – thereby maintaining order in your data.

If all of the above is still not enough for you, the AitomCMS 5 can be additionally programmed to suit your needs.


Would you like to find out more about the AitomCMS 5? Do you want to know how it could help your website? Get in touch with us!