Social Media Marketing

Did you know that the most popular social network Facebook has 1.71 billion monthly active users. So communicate, segment, promote and conduct marketing where your customers collect. Finding it hard to orient yourself in the world of likes, shares and recommended pages? Unsure of how to present yourself and communicate on social networks?

We take the initiative for you, take care of active communication with your customers by means of posts and competitions. We advise you how to go about “Facebook marketing”.


Why you shloud be on social networks?

  • You will be right where your customers are
  • Thanks to segmentation, you address your target group
  • You can regulate the costs of promotion and advertising to suit your pocket
  • Increase the number of conversions, and the strength and influence of your brand
  • Activity and interaction on social networks increases your score in SEO

You need to approach the social networks pragmatically and naturally. We aren’t painting castles in the sky, but with our help you can gain the maximum from social networks. We are as capable of breathing life into the little Facebook pages and profiles as we are of working with an audience of ten thousand. Take selfies, share, listen and tell your story!

Selected references

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