E-Commerce Marketing

Do you have a beautiful internet shop, but orders are few and far between? An e-shop alone does not make a business, even with an ample visitor rate. Conversions on your e-shop may still be low, but we know how to increase them. Marketing is an essential additional step.

We’ll help you plan the marketing strategy that suits you and recommend the best channels for your shop. We take care to make the correct settings of each channel and take care of long-term administration.


We test conversion routes

Do your customers leave before completing a purchase? Do they click on products, but leave them in the shopping basket without placing an order? Try testing your conversion routes.

If a user doesn’t like something in your e-shop, he can easily leave and shop elsewhere. UX (user experience) focuses on making customers feel at home in your e-shop. UX is a field that attempts to guide the user in the best way so that he does not have to think at all when using the website and the pages lead him intuitively to a purchase.

We perform user testing of websites. On the basis of the output from this and our know-how, we recommend how to adapt your website to make them more conversion-friendly. Even small changes can bring results.


If you want an e-shop that sells, leave it to us.

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